The Bride's wish

Dinushka Perera had her fairytale wedding at Galle Face Hotel Colombo, in April 2019.

The Bride's wish

This very special bride Dinushka came to Mannat with immense excitement, to discuss her bridal requirement with her childhood school friend (Lyceum International) Dilly. Dinushka had been dreaming herself to be in a sugar white bridal saree, and was so much in love with modern design elements, such as tassels, feathers and frills. She conveyed all her bridal desires to her friend and allowed her to be as creative as she could. Dilly was equally excited to get started with this concept bridal project for Dinushka. Especially since, she loved the opportunity to work outside of stereotype bridal designs.

design elements

The initial design was conceptualized keeping in mind the sculpted figure of the gorgeous bride, her beautiful skin, complexion and sharp features. It was a white on white, two piece saree gown made of highly embellished fabric, soft tulle and silk tassels with a touch of feathers. 

The top half of the outfit was entirely made of luxurious silk tassels which were exclusively made in sugar white, for Dinushka, in Mumbai. All silk tassel fringe bases were hand embellished in Colombo using high quality pearls and crystals. The entirely embellished, single shouldered bridal top, had two layers of tassels, falling from her right shoulder. 

The bottom half of the saree gown was made of highly embellished fabric, with soft tulle. A touch of feathers, crystals and rhinestones were hand embellished to add a subtle tone to the flowy bottom half of the gown. 

The transformation of the two piece bridal gown to a saree gown, was done through an extraordinary modern saree fall. The first half of the modern fall started from her right hip to the left shoulder, which was entirely made of two layers of soft silk tassels with hand-embellished bases. The second half of the fall from shoulder to the floor, was made of three layers of soft bridal tulle with short tassels hanging on all edges. 

Dinushka’s bridal outfit was one masterpiece, and the two layered bridal veil completed Dinushka’s bridal look that we all envisioned. 

Her gorgeous bridesmaids were also Mannat Armaanians, we designed gorgeous ruffle sarees with exotic prints for the bridesmaids with sparkling sleeveless ‘v’ neck saree jackets for the two pretty girls, Jay and Maheeshi.